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  The Chautauqua Series 4 x 3
 (Twelve 750ml bottles)
$120.00      Qty:
Semi-dry wines blended from French-hybrid and vinifera grapes. Good for the novice wine drinker or those from Chautauqua County nostalgic for a taste of home. Case includes four bottles EACH of Chautauqua Rouge, Chautauqua Blush, and Chautauqua Blanc.  
  The American Heirloom Series (12-bottle pack, 2x6)
 (Twelve 750ml bottles)
$105.00      Qty:
Two bottles of each of six varieties - all long-standing favorites among those who like sweet wine made from American heirloom grapes. Two bottles EACH of Pink Niagara, Liebestropfchen, Concord, Ives, Niagara, and Pink Catawba.  
  Pair of Holiday Mulled Wines
 (750ml bottles)
$18.00      Qty:
Pair of Holiday Mulled Wines. One 750ml bottle each of our popular spiced wines, Red Ipocras and White Ipocras.  
  Trio of Fortified Wines
 (750ml bottles)
$50.00      Qty:
Trio of Fortified Wines. One bottle each of Johnson Estate's Cream Sherry, Ruby Port, both packaged in attractive and impressively heavy German terracotta bottles, and one bottle of Maple Liqueur. Perfect for before dinner or after dinner libations.  
  The American Heirloom Series (6-bottle pack)
 (750ml bottles)
$50.00      Qty:
The American Heirloom Series. New additions to this collection include the 750ml bottles of Niagara and Pink Catawba. One 750ml bottle each of these Labruscan wines: Niagara, Pink Niagara, Liebestropfchen (late-harvest Delaware), Ives, Concord, and Pink Catawba. Each sweet and fruity.  

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