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  The results are in from the 


 Hosmer 2011 Dry Riesling scored 90 points and won Silver medal!

 Hosmer 2011 Riesling scored 84 points

 This is not the first time Hosmer has shown incredibly well at this prestigious international Riesling Challenge that attracts wines from Riesling producing countries around the world. Our 2007 Vintner’s ReserveRiesling and 2007 Riesling were both recognized as Top 10 USA Rieslings and were featured in USA Today. Our 2008 Riesling won a Silver Medal and received 52 points out of 60, a glowing result from their previous scoring system.




Riesling Is In 

and it's about to be turned into something incredible 



A big thanks to all the loyal Finger Lakes wine enthusiasts that voted for the Finger Lakes Riesling video on Wine Spectator.com's video contest! The final results will be announced tomorrow, September 18th. We will keep you posted!


Big news for the Finger Lakes wine region! A video, released by the Finger Lakes Wine Alliance, profiling the impression our area's Riesling has in the world of fine wine is among the 9 finalist for Wine Spectator's Video Contest. Hosmer is exceptionally proud to see our winemaker, Aaron Roisen, conclude the video. Hear what he thinks about Finger Lakes Rieslingand help this beautiful grape growing region achieve more critical acclaim by watching the video and casting your vote here. You can vote one time per day and the contest ends Sunday, September 16th!


Welcome Sauvignon Blanc!!

The last week in August of 2012 marks a historic moment, not only for Hosmer Winery, but also for the Federal Appellation "Cayuga Lake", as the very first harvest of Sauvignon Blanc grapes took place in our vineyards.

Three different clones of  Sauvignon Blanc were planted on the Hosmer farm in the spring of 2011.  This week, a very small, but memorable harvest is a great sign of things to come.  Look for this wine to be available in this coming spring.


  Hosmer Winery Receives 4 "Gold" Medals at Finger Lakes International Wine Competition; Most in New York State The 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition results are in and Hosmer has won 4 Gold Medals! Hosmer Winery received news last week of being awarded 4 Gold Medals for our 2009 Dry Riesling, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, and Lemberger.  In addition to the 4 Gold Medals, a Silver Medal for our 2009 Pinot Gris was awarded.  Hosmer took the most Gold Medals of not only any winery in the Finger Lakes, but in New York State, keeping up with California and Australia.


At Hosmer on Cayuga Lake, Challenging Conventional Wisdom on Balanced Vines, Quality Wines

By Evan Dawson, New York Cork Report

September 08, 2010 

Aaron RoisenHosmer Winery winemaker Aaron Roisen cannot help himself. If you spend more than five minutes with him, he's going to blurt out something so unique, so memorable, that you're going to wonder if it's all an act.

No one is this quick-witted, right? No one is this quirky, this astute, this honest. Right?

It's not an act with Roisen, whose comments might occasionally seem condescending when written on a notepad, but his charm comes from his humble authenticity. He speaks his mind, but he doesn't seek to offend.

Ask him about Lemberger, and he quickly maligns the big, dark, oaky versions he finds occasionally. "It might have Donald Trump's hair, but it doesn't want to be a real estate mogul," Roisen says in reference to Lemberger's dark color on the vine.

When it comes to what kind of wine Lemberger should be, Roisen says, "It should be like all the good parts of pinot noir without the gag reflex when it gets overdone. Most people are over-oaking Lemberger. It's a light red wine that people don't really know how to follow through on."

He's also not a fan of the trend that sees Lemberger blended with cabernet franc (his beloved "Frankie"). "That blend is not true to the varieties!" Roisen says. "It's got to do its own thing, which is fruit driven, almost like an easy-drinking Sangiovese."

And regarding the use of oak in any red wine, Roisen offers this: "It's like the chorus in Dante's Inferno. Necessary, but probably the boring part."

He is unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom in Finger Lakes winemaking, but he's also one of the nicest guys you'll meet. 

Balanced Vines: Smaller Crops Don't Mean Better Crops at Hosmer

Hosmer's grapesStanding in a row of Hosmer riesling, which is developing beautifully, Roisen asks me if I want to "go check out the Frankie." It leads to a discussion about crop loads. On this subject, Hosmer parts ways with what has become conventional wisdom among some producers -- and certainly among most wine writers.

At Hosmer, reducing crop size is often seen as a bad idea, not a good one.

"Our pinot noir is usually four or five tons to the acre," Roisen explains. "The Frankie is five tons, sometimes more. You're making a mistake if you fixate on getting a tiny amount of fruit on each acre of land."

"We care about balance, because balance is what leads to quality," says Tunker Hosmer, the owner and longtime grower. Tunker is gregarious and jocular and, like his winemaker, unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom. "Some vines can support a lot of fruit, and some can support less. You can't over-generalize."

The easiest way to determine whether the Hosmer approach is working is to taste the wines, and that means young wines and wines with some bottle age. The evidence is strong in Hosmer's favor.

The cabernet franc, never the darkest and heaviest in the region, is light-to-medium bodied in most vintages, and even the 10-year-old versions show some energy.

Roisen thinks some winemakers fixate on crop load with pinot noir in particular. "When it gets super-low in yield, it gets weedy and green," he says, making a face. "That is not what we're looking for."

It all sets up an interesting discussion best left, in depth anyway, for another day. But adherents to this idea must recognize that many of the best wines in the world come from vines with low -- and sometimes extremely low -- croploads. And some of the best wines in the Finger Lakes come from vines cropped to bring in lower yields than those seen at Hosmer. So what's going on with those world-class wines from low yields? Are the growers simply not telling the truth about croploads? Is the Hosmer stance wrong? What gives?

We'll get back to those questions in the near future.

A vertical of riesling yields a surprise

Hosmer Wine GlassesRoisen put together a mini-vertical of Hosmer rieslings, with both dry and semi-dry versions from '07, '08, and '09. And here was the surprise:

The 2009 rieslings were the standout in each category.

Far from the severe, prickly rieslings that were the inevitable product of a leaner vintage, Hosmer's '09 Rieslings are broad and filled with character. The semi-dry is rich and seamless, long, balanced and beautiful. In contrast, the Homer '08 Riesling was a bit of a letdown, a touch sharp and choppy. The '07 Rieslings were different animals entirely, glazed by petrol and nuts and the first signs of oxidation (as anyone would expect from a hot, drought vintage).

But Tunker Hosmer is not buying the excuse that 2009 made for difficult winemaking.

"It was a fooler vintage," he says, laughing. "People love to forget about September. If we would have had a bad September, then people could complain. But September was almost perfect, and we think it shows in the wines."

If the Hosmer '09 Semi-Dry Riesling is impressive, the '09 Dry is even more so. Crisp and racy but layered, there is a reason it turned out so well. Roisen stopped fermentation when this wine had nine grams of residual sugar; he typically lets it go further, but he didn't think it would maintain its balance without more sugar in a high-acid year.

The Hosmer Rieslings offer one of the great values of the region, regularly selling for several dollars less per bottle than their peers.

It has been a fascinating tasting, but Roisen wants to make sure to add one more point. "I'm still young and still new here," he says. "I have a lot -- a whole lot -- to learn."

For someone who tends to speak with such conviction, it's a shade of modesty. But it's not all that surprising once you spend time with Aaron Roisen. Somehow, that certitude and self-doubt are seamlessly balanced, not unlike many of his wines.

Hosmer Winery Receives honors of “Double Gold” and “Highly Recommended”
Ovid N.Y. Friday, August 25, 2010–The 2010 N.Y Wine & Food Classic results are in and Hosmer has struck gold once again, actually double gold! Hosmer Winery received news this week of being awarded Double Gold for our Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, both from the 2008 vintage. In total, nine medals were earned at this prestigious competition, often considered to be the equivalent to the “Oscars” of the wine industry.

The “Highly Recommended” award, also considered a Silver medal with a score of “86”, came from the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) at their World Wine Championships for the 2008 Cabernet Franc.  Hosmer winery is a highly regarded producer of Cabernet Franc and is known for setting the benchmark for Finger Lakes Cabernet Francs.  This recent recognition adds to the list of accolades previously earned from the BTI in 2010 including the following:

“90” – Exceptional & BEST BUY 2008 Dry Riesling
“88” – Highly Recommended & BEST BUY 2008 Riesling
“87” – Highly Recommended 2008 Pinot Gris
“84” – Recommended 2008 Chardonnay
Hosmer has been growing wine grapes along Route 89 on the west shore of Cayuga Lake since 1972; established in 1985 the winery is now celebrating twenty five years of premium wine making. The winery tasting room features unique gift items as well as light food items and a selection of wines sure to please every taste. Open daily; the friendly atmosphere brings in thousands of visitors each year who always leave with a memorable experience. Hosmer wines are also available in liquor store and fine restaurants throughout New York State. Contact us for special events, hours or ordering information, at 888-HOS-WINE or visit our website at hosmerwinery.com

Hosmer Winery 2008 Dry Riesling
By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor, New York Cork Reportz

The tasting room isn't fancy and sure, I wish more of their wines were closed with natural cork (to see how they cellar) but for my money, Hosmer Winery offers some of the best value vinifera wines in the Finger Lakes. This dry riesling is no exception -- in fact, it's one of the best examples.

Hosmer Winery 2008 Dry Riesling, made with grapes grown in the oldest section of their vineyard, planted almost 30 years ago, is very apple-y on the nose with hints of tropical fruit, fresh herbs and lime.

The palate is fruity and forward, showing more apple and some melon fruit character with a squirt of lime and a sprinkling of lemon zest. It's dry (.7%) with nice balance, but not austere or harsh.

The finish isn't super-long, but for $12 you can do far far worse -- not just in the Finger Lakes, but the world over. The Finger Lakes needs more quality riesling at this price point.

Producer: Hosmer Winery

AVA: Cayuga Lake
ABV: 12.5%
RS: .7%
Rating: 85

June 2012 - Saving Buds and Killing Weeds With The Grape-hoe
In cool climate viticulture areas such as the Finger Lakes a common practice is the covering of grapevine graft-union bud-sites at the bottom of the vine with a mound of soil to protect those fragile vinifera buds from our low winter temperatures. This mound of earth is plowed over the vine bases after harvest and removed in the spring and early summer. Protecting bud-sites at the base of the vine is essential to vineyard health, yield and thus wine quality. An added bonus of grape-hoeing is vineyard floor weed control early in the growing season during the plow-down of the earthen mound. This helps us to reduce the use of dangerous herbicides and protect our farm soils and Finger Lake ecosystems.

Stay tuned for our next vineyard update....


Hosmer Winery - A Lake Friendly Farm
Cayuga Lake Watershed Network dubs Hosmer a "Lake-Friendly Farm"

Hosmer Winery was one of four farms from the three counties of Cayuga, Seneca and Tompkins to be selected for the 2008 Lake- Friendly Farm Award. Farmers receive this special award when they incorporate practices that conserve and protect their local water resources. Lake-friendly farming can include tree planting along streams, conservation of wetlands and manure handling practices.

Hosmer Winery and the other recipients of this award; Long Point Winery, Canoga Creek Farm and Switzer Farm are all located within the Cayuga Lake Watershed area - where agriculture is very important to the community culturally, economically and ecologically. Rhonda Fessenden, Chair of the award committee of the Cayuga Lake Watershed commented on the recipients saying, "We are particularly pleased to be able to honor two wineries in this year's award as they are the first since the award was started in 2006." Cameron Hosmer is also very pleased to have Hosmer Winery selected for this award, stating, "Here at Hosmer, we focus strongly on preserving and protecting our local water resources and it is an honor to receive recognition as one of the first wineries to win this Lake-Friendly Award." 

Sustainability a Focus at Hosmer Winery

When Hosmer Winery first got started in 1972, being a good caretaker of the land was a focus. Today when good land stewardship, sustainability and ecological awareness is a concern to more than just the agricultural producers; Hosmer Winery continues to be a leader in environmentally friendly wine production.

Recognized environmental practices at Hosmer Winery which are considered to be important include:

  1. Completion of Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) survey which is a complete assessment of our agricultural practices and its environmental impact.
  2. Awarded "Lake Friendly Farm" for our current conservation efforts.
  3. Hosmer Winery received a National Conservation Stewardship Award for past conservation practices and implementing new ones.
  4. We are networking with Cornell University?s weather monitoring system with our own on site weather station to use state of the art pest and disease forecasting models.


Future new developments that are of interest to Hosmer Winery include:

  1. The use of eco-friendly light weight glass packaging.
  2. Biofuel has just recently become available and we are planning to experiment with it in our vineyard equipment this summer.


Here at Hosmer Winery, we?re in it for the long run and realize we need to take care of our most important resources being soil and water.

Cameron Hosmer


 November 2009- Hosmer Riesling Receives Recognition at Canberra International Riesling Challenge 

For the second year in a row, Hosmer Wine is among the winners!
Ovid, NY, Thursday, October Hosmer 2008 Riesling received a Silver Medal in Australia at the Canberra International Riesling Challenge. All in all, three NY Rieslings were awarded Silver Medals in Australia at one of the world's most challenging competitions.

The Challenge attracted 512 entries from Australia, Germany, New Zealand, the USA, South Africa and Austria. It is internationally recognized and one of the largest events of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. According to Jim Tresize of the NY Wine and Grape Foundation, Silvers and Bronzes at this competition are comparable to Gold and Silver medals elsewhere. The 2008 Riesling scored a solid 52 out of 60 points.

In October of 2008, Hosmer 2007 Riesling and 2007 Vintner's Reserve Riesling were recognized as two of the top ten Rieslings produced in the USA at the Ninth Annual Canberra International Riesling Challenge, held in Australia. "This repeat recognition at this prestigious international competition is an incredible honor and reinforces the fact that the quality of our Riesling and those of the entire Finger Lakes Region has been unrecognized and underestimated." said Cameron Hosmer.

Hosmer Winery has been producing wine grapes along Route 89 on the west shore of Cayuga Lake since 1972; established in 1985 it has been producing consistent award winning wines ever since. The winery tasting room features an array of unique gift items as well as food and fine wines. Open daily; the friendly atmosphere brings in thousands of visitors each year who always leave with a memorable experience. Hosmer wines are also available in liquor store and fine restaurants throughout New York State. Contact us for special events, hours or ordering information, at 888-HOS-WINE or visit our website at hosmerwinery.com 

May 5, 2009 - Hosmer Winery selected to attend the 4th Annual Riesling Summit in New York City at Astor Wine Center.
Cameron Hosmer presented the 2007 Vintner's Reserve Riesling in a comparative tasting seminar with wines from other key Riesling producing regions including Germany, Alsace, Australia and Washington State. This formal tasting was attended by some of New York's most devoted Riesling fans and coordinated by the International Riesling Foundation's President, May Ewing Mulligan. This prestigous event featured some of the world's most renowned Riesling producers and our Vintner's Reserve was selected as a showcase example of medium sweet styled Riesling, based on the International Riesling Foundation's newly created taste profile. Cameron Hosmer commented, "It was a real honor to have our wine selected to be poured with other world class Rieslings!"

March 11, 2009 - Hosmer Winery 2007 Riesling from http://lennthompson.typepad.com/lenndevours/

Is there anything better than driving through wine country, stopping off at a winery that you hadn't planned to visit, and discovering a gem? It's one of the wine world's great joys and it happened to me and Nena on our last day in the Finger Lakes a few weeks ago.

As we drove up the western side of Cayuga Lake, we spotted a sign for Hosmer Winery. The winery we had planned to visit wasn't open yet, so we stopped in at Hosmer... and we're glad that we did. The wines impressed almost across the board. This was one of the wines that we liked best, so we bought a few bottles and I included one in my weekly tasting on Sunday.

In my experience, Cayuga rieslings are richer in their fruit profile and less minerally than those grown on Seneca or Keuka Lakes. This Hosmer Winery 2007 Riesling ($12) is a great example of that. The nose is ripe with big peach, candied lemon peel, overripe pear and somewhat tropical aromas most prominent with subtle floral-herbal and pencil eraser notes.

This is a medium-light bodied riesling with intense peach, melon and candied, almost honeyed citrus flavors. The mid-palate is fruity, round, lightly sweet and the finish is medium-long with a gentle dryness brought about by well-balanced, well integrated acidity.

And for $12? I wish more wineries brought this sort of quality at that price point. This is a killer value.

Producer: Hosmer Winery
AVA: Cayuga Lake
Price: $12
ABV: 11.2%
RS: 2.5%
Rating:(3 out of 5 | Recommended) March 11, 2009 in Finger Lakes Wine, Lenn Thompson, Tasting Notes | Permalink | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0) ShareThis

SEARCH BEGINS IN CANBERRA FOR WORLD'S BEST RIESLING...results include two Hosmer Rieslings recognized as Top 10 USA Rieslings!
Hosmer Rieslings recognized as among the top ten Rieslings produced in the USA!!
Ovid N.Y., Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - Hosmer Winery is proud to announce that our 2007 Riesling and 2007 Vintner's Reserve Riesling were recognized as two of the top ten Rieslings produced in the USA at the eighth Annual Canberra International Riesling Challenge, held in Australia from October 14 -18, 2008.

"Having two wines acknowledged as among the ten best produced in the entire country is an incredible honor and reinforces the fact that the quality of our Riesling, and those of the entire Finger Lakes Region has been unrecognized and underestimated" said Cameron Hosmer, owner of the premium wine producing Hosmer Winery.� The 2007 Riesling was in the national spotlight earlier this month when USA Today featured it in an article entitled, Riesling would like your attention, please. It has been a fantastic year for Hosmer Riesling, having received numerous sil